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Pinball Repair

At Games We Play, we sell a number of rare and unique pinball machines. We understand that over time repairs are needed to maintain excellent playing condition. We off in-home repairs from qualified service technicians. Services call costs begin at $80 plus parts necessary. Call for more information today!


At Games We Play, fun shouldn't stop due to batteries! We have a large selection of watch, remote, and scooter batteries. Battery replacement for watches are done in a few minutes. We carry most scooter batteries in store and install them quickly.

Fun Fixed Here

​​Games We Play offers a number of fun services for your needs. Whatever you’re looking for, we service it all. We offer in-home service for most pinball machines and arcade games. We service Razor, Powerwheels, and motorized scooter products under warranty and also out-of-pocket. We also replace watch, remote, hearing aid, and other batteries.

Authorized Service Center

​For many years, Games We Play has been servicing motorized scooters in Metro Detroit. Our authorized service center offers an easy, quick experience to get your vehicle running again. It's easy to begin repairs, just bring in your product and charger to our retail location along with a proof-of-purchase for warranty repairs.