Elvis Presley Collectable Jukebox from Wurlitzer
Here's an exclusive offer from Wurlitzer that will have collectors all shook up - an opportunity to own the ultimate Elvis collectible. Each jukebox is registered and bears an embossed numbered metal plaque, attesting to its limited edition status. Never before seen commemorative montages and concert tour scenes are exclusive. The classic Wurlitzer design captures the nostalgic stylying from Elvis' chart-topping years, complete with high-gloss, lacquered white piano finish, famous dancing bubble tubes and rotating color columns.
The Elvis Jukebox holds fifty compact discs and is powered by a 200-watt amplifier; its computer holds over 1,200 individual CD tracks in memory.
Six internal speakers are included; optional remote speakers can be added. Owners can wake each morning to pre-selected music, schedule up to two background music periods each day, and make track selections from an optional remote. An optional remote control lets you put on your blue suede shoes to pre-selected music and make track selections from your easy chair.
The Elvis Presley Limited Edition Jukebox, a Wurlitzer collectible that captures the appeal of America's musical legend, is now available. The result of a multi-year licensing and promotion agreement between the Wurlitzer Jukebox Company (WJC) and Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), the Elvis limited edition is ideal for home entertainment as well as for upscale pubs, taverns and other retail locations.
To satisfy the most demanding Elvis collector and aficiaonado, Wurlitzer painstakingly replicated the original flavor of its classic collectible Model 1015, the best known and most cherished jukebox ever built. This contemporary collectible features a likeness of Elvis and signature replica. A photographic montage of specially selected Elvis memorabilia and concert tour scenes is exclusive to this jukebox. Its handsome styling reflects the free-spirited nostalgic Fifties when Elvis released hits like 'Hound Dog', 'Don't Be Cruel', Blue Suede Shoes', 'Heartbreak Hotel', and 'Jailhouse Rock', topping the charts with help from hundreds of Wurlitzer jukeboxes.
The Elvis limited edition jukebox becomes the focal point of a room and a great entertainment source, whether it's in a family room or a commercial club.
Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time
The nostalgic ambiance of the good old days has been rediscovered in today's lifestyle. The Wurlitzer One More Time CD Jukebox recaptures the beloved design styling of the 40's and 50's. The cabinet of the legendary Model 1015, originally built in 1946, is the ideal casing for Wurlitzer's new microprocessor-controlled CD changer and player. The unit plays more that 1,200 songs and is backed by a powerful amplifier and speaker combination to deliver superb laser sound quality. The classic Wurlitzer rotating color columns, distinctive round top, visible CD changing mechanism, and trademark bubble tubes create visually spectacular special effects. Whether it is in the entrance hall of a company, a restaurant, a bar, or a living room, this nostalgic jukebox is sure to enhance the decor and mood of any surroundings.
Styling Details
Classic Styling: All of the fine craftsmanship and mesmerizing special effects of the original 1015 have been painstakingly reproduced in great detail and combined with today's technology. Some 1015's classic design elements include animated bubble tubes, rotating color columns, revealed record changing mechanism, arched top with impressionistic letter 'W' at the top, and hand crafted walnut finish.
Electronic Details
Powerful Amplifier: The amplifier supplies 200 Watts of music power and includes automatic level control and electronic overload-protection.
Speaker System: A 3-way stereo system with 6 speakers combine with the built-in amplifier to produce uncompromising laser sound.
Professional CD Mechanism: CD mechanisms are available in either 50 or 100 CD configurations. The compact disc player itself is a modified professional grade Philips CD-system. The system accommodates 3' and 5' diameter CDs which are stored vertically, but played horizontally.
Sophisticated Microprocessor: Keeps track of top tunes played on the jukebox, available credits, bonus steps, and cash contents. The jukebox also has a printer connection for printout of all essential information.
LED Display: Shows the selection's CD number and track number, as well as several other user and administrator functions and data.
CD Programming Features: Continuous random playback of all tracks on all CDs can be programmed for the perfect background music. Specific tracks can also be locked out to prevent playback at any time.
Play Stimulator: Automatically plays songs in intervals between 1 and 99 minutes. This features is especially useful in commercial environments to encourage patrons to play the jukebox.
Program Pages: Displays more than 1,200 songs on 60 program pages. These pages are turned automatically by pressing a button on the control panel. Track listings for 6 CDs can be viewed simultaneously.
Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time: Available Options
Loudspeaker Model 4008: This faithful reproduction of the original 4008 speaker echos the design of the 1015 jukebox to complete the nostalgic atmosphere. These 3-Way 80 Watt loudspeakers mount on the wall or ceiling. Also Available- Loudspeaker Model 120: 2-Way 120 Watt speaker system mounted in a classically styled wood finish cabinet.
Remote Control: Add the convenience of an infrared remote to control volume and track selection on your jukebox. The 4-in-1 universal remote not only controls the jukebox, but can be programmed to operate your TV, VCR, and Cable Box as well. (Unit will also work with 45 RPM ONE MORE TIME Jukeboxes)
500 Watt Amplifier: This optional amplifier can be built into your jukebox for the ultimate in music power.
Microphone: The microphone kit comes complete with all you need to add paging capability directly.
Wurlitzer Princess
Wurlitzer presents the Princess, a miniature of the classic 1015 One More Time jukebox. The Princess is a smaller version of the classic 1015 One More Time jukebox. It has all the features of the 1015 OMT, but in a smaller, less expensive package. Dimensions are 40' high, 23' wide, and 17' deep, and weighs 172 pounds. It has the following features:
- 'Bubbler' face surround with lighted bubbling water, just like the 1015 OMT.
- Eye catching classic 1015 OMT styling.
- Programmable 120 disc CD capacity.
- Ultra fast CD delivery-play system.
- Programmable Play Stimulator.
- Plays CD tracks or entire album.
- Lock out individual tracks.
- Programmable background mode.
- Quick view selection process.
- Three function remote included.
- RCA outputs for additional amp(s).
- Optional F91 amp (2x170 watts).
- Wall mounting hardware included.
- Coin and dollar bill acceptor standard.
- Internal test speaker.
- E-Z access speaker connections.