Shoot Out Soccer and Slap Shot Hockey Gumball Machine
Both are two-player interactive gumball games, the first-ever two-player gumball games! They use Beaver 25 cents per play coin mechanisms, and each game has colorful graphics depicting its sport. Game are constructed for heavy commercial use with a ½ inch acrylic shell, an additional ½ inch of lexan surrounding the coin chamber, and an easy access coin container (with a 1000 coin capacity). Players insert coin, turn crank and wait for ball to fall onto play floor then battle it back and forth with their play paddle until one sinks it for the win and claims the prize. Ours is a sport that provides friendly competition, a gumball for the winner, and a smile for players. The base is heavy duty acrylic and boasts a low center of gravity for heavy commercial use, plus it is light for shipping.
Game Specifications:
Width: 16.5"
Height: 54"
Depth: 15.5"
Weight: 45 lbs.
Construction: Heavy duty acrylic exterior shell with all "food-grade" acrylic interior surface.
Decorations: Vinyl interior decal
Colors: Soccer (Green & White); Hockey (Red, White & Blue)
Candy: Both machines hold up to an 850 count (1' & 27mm) of gumballs, jawbreakers or bouncy balls.
Advanced Features Include:
Beaver coin-op mechanism is the finest in the industry.
Machine base is made of polyethylene; rotational molding is virtually indestructable.
Enclosed gumball catch tray won't let gumballs fall on the floor when the lid is lifted.
FDA approved food grade materials for upper & lower bases.
3400 Gumball Capacity.
Available in red, yellow, black, lime and pink (standard). Custom colors are also available.
Options include casters, lighting and extra large gumball globe (4200 gumball capacity).